Sunday, 16 Feb 2014

Home-Delivered Meals Management

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Tracking home-delivered meals can be a dual burden for there are all the transportation details to monitor and schedule, plus the often overwhelming elements of diet restrictions, meal types and preferences.  SSAID’s Home-Delivered Meals Management makes order out of potential chaos.  From route sheets to kitchen reports, special meal requirements to directions, all the tools are at your fingertips.


SSAID’s Home-Delivered Meals Management lets you:

  • Set up menus by diet restrictions, client preference, meal type
  • Easily schedule meals and delivery, including weekend schedules, suspension dates and more
  • Create kitchen lists from input data and manage inventory more efficiently
  • Set up delivery routes and schedules
  • Note important details, such as directions, billing instructions, even individual notations
  • Improve on-time delivery


Case managers are notified through SSAID email when clients miss meals or about other unusual occurrences.

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