Sunday, 16 Feb 2014

Membership Management

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With SSAID Membership Management Service, you can easily and efficiently track your members, keeping record of key details and creating customized mailing lists.  Our software even allows you to make note of personal details of members, such as birthdays and anniversaries, hobbies, even the schools they proudly attended.


SSAID’s Membership Management lets you:

  • Record start and end dates, including explanation of end date
  • Record membership type
  • Track dues, including amount required, date paid and expiration date
  • Generate various reports
  • Create customized mailing labels
    • Suppress names of members who should not receive a mailing
    • Track “snowbirds” and others who may be out of state for periods of time. 
  • Track personal information
    • Birthdays and anniversaries
    • Hobbies and interests
    • Veteran status and schools attended
    • Additional information that make members feel at home


SSAID’s software is Web-based, so you have access from anywhere Internet is available.

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